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When I first got started marketing online, I had no prior marketing, sales or business skills. All I knew is that I wanted to make money online. So just like any other “John” or “Mary” who wanted to make money online, I browsed the ‘net and bought dozens, even hundreds, of information products.
I learned a lot about creating information products, so I began my quest to create my very first product.
That’s what I said when I realized how the heck I was suppose to sell it without a sales letter. I was stuck. My product was complete but I had no sales letter. Yes, goofy me.

One thing I had learned from a top marketer back then is to write your sales copy first before writing your info-product or creating your product. Essentially because you’d have an “outline” ready and you’ll also gain momentum.

One of the first skills I learned when I first got started was writing copy. You may be thinking, “Why copy? Why didn’t you learn traffic generation or affiliate marketing first?” Well for the simple reasons that I just got started online, had a limited budget and was still learning. If you were to hire a professional copywriter to write a sales letter for your project, you’d expect to pay $3,000 – $20,000, depending on the copywriter. You’d be lucky to get it any cheaper than that.

I wasn’t up for any product or service at that price point so I began learning as much about copywriting as I could.
Copywriting is an art. It’s not something one can learn overnight. It takes more practice than learning how to ride a bicycle (a lot more).
The ability to write successful web copy has helped me substantially by increasing sales and boosting the popularity of my business.
The details recorded in any copywriting document are used as important selling points in various forms of marketing. It is important to take the time to learn copywriting skills because it is used in all

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I am a divorced 50 yrs old and I now teach Website Building and Online Business Development. I am the proud father of two boys. I exercise daily and eat healthy. My passions are Music, Mechanics, Home Renovations, Fishing, the Sun and laughter!
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