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steps into the Internet marketplace, I had some major difficulty with advertising. I was inexperienced and really had no clue as to HOW I could get customers to my website.

To overcome my advertising failures, I decided to do some research and test out various techniques for developing my advertising pages. During this time of trial and error, I learned many techniques that worked for various uses. However, I learned one process for structuring my web copy so that it would be successful no matter how I used it. The technique is called AIDA and is discussed in many different copywriting manuals.

The first and most important step of the AIDA process is that you MUST gain your reader’s attention. I could care less what you put into your web copy or how you structure it, if you cannot grab your reader’s attention with a headline or first sentence of the page, do not bother writing it. It is an absolute necessity to get your readers’ attention during the first 8 seconds after they start reading your document. The world is changing and people do not just read for fun anymore. People who have made it to your website and take the time to read your information are there for a reason and you have to make sure they do not decide against purchasing something from you.

While getting the readers attention is not the easiest thing to do, it is also not the hardest. Most web copy should have a hook or catch phrase that makes people stop and read the document. Put something at the top of your web copy that is almost too good to be true. It honestly does not have to have anything to do with what you arbanner125x125e advertising.





I have seen and used catch phrases and hooklines such as “Win a Million Dollars Today!” or “I Broke the World Record Yesterday!” to get my readers’ attention. Then, let them know up front that you really are not offering them a million dollars or you did not break any records by using a funny little comment. It really does work and most people do not get angry about the situation. For all of you attorneys that are reading this, IT IS NOT FALSE ADVERTISING!!!

The first sentence is a hook; it should be in big letters so the readers have to read more to find out what it is about. Then, your documentation will back support it when you say, “Hey, I got your attention now learn about what I’m selling”.

Once you have captured your audience’s attention, you must have some information in your web copy that will peak their interest. This is where your web copy gets juicy. Benefits and features of your products should be listed in this portion of your web copy. However,Templ-Monst-fwb

Author: David Leduc



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I am a divorced 50 yrs old and I now teach Website Building and Online Business Development. I am the proud father of two boys. I exercise daily and eat healthy. My passions are Music, Mechanics, Home Renovations, Fishing, the Sun and laughter!
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