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aspects of your marketing program including e-mail copy, sales copy, web copy, direct mail copy and even your own business cards. These different types of copywriting are all directed towards generating sales/leads for your company.

Copywriting itself is very simple, but does require that you follow some key points and methods to be successful. I plan to teach you some of these keys and methods so that they will help you on your journey to successful copywriting and save you years of learning.

While I have written most of my own web copy, this can be outsourced based on your specific situation it’s not something that you’d want to outsource all the time. For instance, when you want to send out an email to your list, you need to write email copy to encourage and persuade readers to make them do what it is you want them to do. Now, outsourcing email copy is fine if you only send out an email to your subscribers once a month. But what happens if you send out twice a week? It would become costly in the long-run and you may or may not know how your subscribers will respond to your email.





The main focus on your web copywriting should always be your products and services. If you absolutely have to use an outside source for your web copywriting, you must give your copywriter all pertinent information. Benefits, features, and product specifications must be relayed to your copywriter so that nothing is left out. Your copywriter should only be required to put the information you have given them into a marketable format.

The first topic that we will discuss is a way to structure your web copy to ensure successful marketing. There are many different forms of web copy, which all require a different structure. This manual will give you all the information you need to be successful at the various types of web copywriting needed in today’s world of Internet business.


As a first step toward writing successful web copy, you must structure your writing appropriately. I have found that my most successful web copy has been structured very similar regardless of the function the documents were used for. Some people feel that e-mail copy should be structured a specific way and advertising pages a different way and etc. I know with 100% certainty that successful web copy can be used in many different ways through the Internet. When I took my firstTempl-Monst-fwb

Author: David Leduc



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I am a divorced 50 yrs old and I now teach Website Building and Online Business Development. I am the proud father of two boys. I exercise daily and eat healthy. My passions are Music, Mechanics, Home Renovations, Fishing, the Sun and laughter!
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