What is a Webinar?

What is a Webinar?









Do you detest those excruciating seminars which you have to attend in order to sell your products? 
Do you want to update yourself and try being technologically advanced, a techno-geek?

We’ll tell you exactly what you could do to be one.

Ever heard of a webinar?

Well, many people haven’t so if you don’t know anything, it’s just fine! A webinar is basically a seminar which is presented over the internet, or Web. Web seminars, web conferences and internet meetings are all synonyms for this new technology and are used in sales and marketing applications, to influence potential customers.

Unlike webcasts, where the audience can only watch and listen, webinars are presentations where the members of the large audience can interact with the presenter via the internet. Hassle free and sleek!

Webinars are used for a variety of purposes – internet-based meetings, remote training and one-to-one meetings sharing details over their computer desktops. Hosting such webinars require knowledge about specific software that configures the presenter and the audience’s computers for easy communication. If you are keen on keeping yourself up-to-date with the world of technology, you might just want to know more about the various features of this web wonder!

We guess you might just want to present seminars using this software rather than having to present product via a webcast!

Well, we guess an integrated net telephone conferencing for audio seminars, the ability of the audience to view the presenter’s screen during live product demos, a continuous streaming video and scope for animated and interactive presentations, the unique features of recording and playback options, the option of segregating the audience into subgroups to help interact better, to be able to present questionnaires and polls to the audience and even manage question and answer sessions during the seminar, all seem to be a boon to you to boost your career options!

Isn’t the software just the thing you were looking for to cut down on the hassles of hosting a seminar?

Imagine a conference in another city while you are sitting at home sipping on coffee and using this software. It would mean cutting down on the travel expenses, a huge benefit, and it would also ensure that the webinar goes off without the slightest glitch. All you need is systematically planned webinars, trained personnel to handle the software and a whole lot of practice! Webinars welcome you to the future.





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