Web Conferencing

Web Conferencing

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Conferences over the World Wide Web, you must be kidding? 

No, we aren’t joking any more, the future of conferencing is here and taking the world by storm. No more travel fare hassles for you, no more tiring sessions – web conferencing is just a click away! Want to know more about web conferencing and how it’s done?

Just read on…

Web Conferencing is a meeting or seminar held over the internet. One can use almost anything – audio, video or even text-based interactions – which are conducted in real time! Cool huh?

In its simplest form, web conferencing can be via a medium of text based ‘chats’ using Yahoo Messenger or Microsoft NetMeeting or inviting others to converse and being able to communicate in real-time. Such ‘chats’ can be enhanced by the addition of a simple web camera, and bingo, you have your very own amateur web conferencing setup.

What can I do with Web Conferencing?
It all depends on the type of job you have! You could pitch sales or even train your staff through this medium. This sophisticated software allows seminars or presentations to be hosted for a large audience, without the slightest problem. Fully interactive meetings, sharing of files and important documents, slide shows and question-answer sessions are all made easier.

What is Online Collaboration?
Online Collaboration is helpful when your team members are located in different cities or countries. This medium helps you share files easily, manage documents and projects effectively and even edit documents online or in real-time!

What are the benefits of Web Conferencing?
This feature is for those who’ve got sick of traveling around for seminars! Web Conferencing not only saves money but time. No more traveling, air-tickets or accommodation hassles. It also means that employees would be at their desks for a prolonged period of time, raising the productivity. Enhanced communication and the ability to talk with people via the web whenever required is a great boom to any corporate firm.

How much does it cost?

The costs depend upon what type of application you are looking for. It’s always better to bring together a broad estimate of what web conferencing system would suit your needs, and then scout around for either low-grade or high-grade models that fit into your budget. The low-level, one-to-one systems are virtually free, that is, they’re dirt cheap. However, advanced level systems, as expected, can cost thousands of dollars.

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