Organization – V1

Organization – V1

To be a true webmaster requires dedication and hard work (by your brain..anyway!). The first thing you should do is make time to clean and organize you computers files, it helps when it comes time to find some file you may need. Cleaning and organizing is a great habit to have onces you get used to it.

Watch this video and learn exactly what and how to organize on your computer just like the pro’s!

Video 1

Please proceed to Video 2 What is FTP

We hope this video taught you what you needed about organization and you can now move ahead with confidence.BTK.2.000


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I am a divorced 50 yrs old and I now teach Website Building and Online Business Development. I am the proud father of two boys. I exercise daily and eat healthy. My passions are Music, Mechanics, Home Renovations, Fishing, the Sun and laughter!
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