How to Run a Successful Webinar

How to Run a Successful Webinar










A webinar is basically a web conference with audio only, and is a good method of conducting meetings and training sessions, as well as introducing new products.

A webinar is a good solution in any situation where people who are scattered all over the country, or world, need to share data. Some tips for running you r webinar smoothly follow.

When selecting a webinar service, you need to obtain one which supports the software you will use to share data. While most support PowerPoint or Word, if you’re using more sophisticated, ascertain that the webinar service is compatible.

A web conferencing provider can make sure your webinar goes without any hitches, and help you choose the requisite software. BuyerZone is a site where you can get connected to the best vendors, free of cost.

Technical problems that pop up at the very moment your presentation starts are extremely annoying, So you should try a practice webinar, preferably with a couple of colleagues, a day or so before the actual seminar. Though this will mean you pay rather a lot more, it’ll solve technical issues and give you some familiarity with the software.

If you’re the moderator, arrive early. This is as practical as it is polite. You should greet participants as they arrive, and being early also lets you ensure that the webinar is set up properly. On that note, ask first-time participants to arrive ahead of time as well.

Whether the people participating in your webinar are customers, employees or colleagues, you should respect their time. So create a schedule and stick to it. And if the discussion digresses, veer it back on track.
Webinar technology is great, but it’s still not like speaking face-to-face. Include less in your planned talk than you would if speaking in person, especially if you’re inexperienced.

A number of webinar providers allow you to archive at your presentation. So, if you’re a beginner, hunt up the file and watch it. It’ll help you self-assess the areas that require improvement, and judge where what the viewers received differed from what you thought you were providing.

© Webinars A-Z –Your Ultimate Guide to Online Success 27 Be prepared to answer some questions that aren’t about the topic of the webinar, but the technicalities involved—about installing plug-and-play devices, downloading the requisite software, etc.

However, stay focused on the topic; your service provider will give you a number to call if you face major technical issues.

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