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There are some very important things you should know to assist yourself in choosing a Domain Name, Host and niche.  Your domain name is unimportant it is simply an address, like your house has. You need one but its name can be anything. Its nice when it can match your website name but does not matter for it is your website name that matters.

Next on the list is choosing a NICHE take your time and chose a catageory that you are passionate about it will help you achieve SUCCESS!  Visit our how to choose a niche PAGE. Then you will need to choose a HOST PROVIDER, I will upload a Lists page soon.

I have learned there are steps you have to follow in the correct order to be successful.  Step one is to choose a NICHE you have a passion for, it is important you care about what you are blogging, writing or selling it helps with writing new content and future ideas.

Most blogging platforms allow you to choose blog categories to organize your content. At first you might choose your categories without giving them much thought, but as time goes on, you will start to realize the importance of carefully choosing the best categories for your blog. The blog categories you choose will be part of the blog’s map for success, and they will determine the direction of your content. Luckily, you can change them as you grow, so there is no harm done if you need to rethink your blog’s categories.

It’s important to do some planning before you decide on your blog categories. You want to stay broad, yet relevant. You don’t want to end up with one or two posts in a category, and if you have that, you’ve either not written many posts or you have a category that is probably doesn’t represent what your blog is all about.

For example, we write a lot about Star Wars here on Bit Rebels, but having a Star Wars category would be a bit too narrow for us. Instead, we choose a category appropriate for Star Wars, which could also encompass many other similar topics. That category is called “Geek.”

We have 8 one-word blog categories here on Bit Rebels, and for us, that is the perfect number. Each of our 8,814 articles fits nicely into one of those categories. I would recommend that you have as few categories as possible. I found a very helpful article about this that was written back in 2008, and it’s still relevant today. You can find it at How To Choose Categories For Your Blog on ProBlogger.

If you are just starting your blog, you might still be flexible about what kind of content you’ll produce. In that case, it might be helpful to know what some of the most popular blog categories are according to Google. This information was derived using the Google “allintitle” Operator (thanks to Wpromote). Tomorrow I will be publishing a follow up article about how to use the Google “allintitle” Operator to extract all kinds of valuable information. Enjoy!

The Most Popular Blog Categories According To Google


Then you will need to choose a HOST PROVIDER, A list is posted see our Host Provider page.

Meanwhile you can continue to watch as I continue to build this Website!



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