FAQ’s Part 2

FAQ’s Part 2

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There are some affiliate marketers who make $ 2,000 or $ 5,000 a week, and even more. Beyond that? Well, you’ve probably seen claims from Internet marketers bragging about their obscenely monstrous income. Maybe they’re telling the truth, maybe not. Me? I’m not going to tell you I’ve made millions. I’m still working on that. But giving Donald Trump a run for his money is not my goal. Would it be nice? (The money, I mean, not the hair. (Definitely not the hair.) Sure, but I don’t need to be rich. I just want to pay my bills in an uncertain economy, build my savings, and have some left over for fun. If you take creating your online home business seriously, you will be able to do that and much more.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that the sky is the limit when it comes to what you can earn with AM. If you truly want to give your family a more comfortable life and have the financial freedom to get more enjoyment out of life, you will work hard at this, and you will succeed.

What are my chances of success? Let’s be real here: The majority who begin affiliate marketing will never reach the income levels we’re talking about.

Why?   Because affiliate marketing doesn’t work?

No. It’s because they don’t work. They don’t have realistic goals and/ or they don’t persevere long enough. But you are different; I can tell because you are still reading this. If you can hang on through my incessant babble, persevering in AM should be a cake walk. (Shoot, I shouldn’t have said cake. Now I want some.) If you are truly convinced, as I am, that AM is worth the time and effort, you won’t give up easily, and you will reap the rewards. But if you think that affiliate marketing is the secret, magical, “easy” button, then you’re not likely to do what it takes to succeed, and your results will never meet your expectations. Or maybe you’ll give it a good solid month of effort because you know you can make money this way but then quit in frustration because you’ve only made a couple bucks. That would be a real shame, because one month is nothing This is a common result for lots and lots of newbies. They don’t work hard enough or persevere long enough to attain their goals.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read comments from successful affiliate marketers saying that it took a lot of work and sometimes they felt like giving up, but they’re so glad they didn’t because now they’re living the life they always wanted. For some it took a few months, and for some it took a few years, but they got there because they didn’t quit.

Think of it in comparison to more conventional careers. If you do want to be a nurse, doctor, teacher, lawyer, accountant, hair stylist, carpenter, chef, filmmaker , mechanic, or a thousand other things, don’t you expect to have to put in at least a couple of years getting some sort of training— many years for some of them?

Suddenly, a few months to a year or two doesn’t seem so bad, does it? Especially since this is the kind of thing that can be done “on the side”while you continue in your current job. Obviously, you’ll make progress more quickly if you’re able to devote full-time hours to it, but since you can work on it at 2: 00 a.m. if you want, it allows you flexibility that most other types of jobs and training can’t match.

How many hours a day does it take?

You’re going to get sick of hearing this answer, but it varies. I think the key is not so much how many hours per day you work, but how consistently, or regularly, you do it. Even if you only have one hour a day, but you do it every day, you’re going to make progress. If you work on it for 12 hours one day and then don’t touch it again for weeks, it’s going to be tough.

If you can devote part-time hours to it, say, 4 hours a day, that’s pretty good. If you make those hours productive and don’t fritter away the time reading e-mail or goofing around on Facebook, you can accomplish a lot. (Yes, I say this from experience.)

When I started, I only had one or two hours a day available. Still, I made $ 30 in the second month. Thirty bucks isn’t much, but for something in which relatively little time was invested, it showed big promise. Once I began earning more at affiliate marketing than at my “real” job, I cut my hours way down so I could spend more time on my online business, and then, coincidentally, the company went out of business, so from then on I did AM full-time.

Imagine if you were able to put in 4 or 6 or 8 hours a day. Within a few weeks or months, you could be making enough to pay the phone bill, the car payment, your mortgage, or even several bills combined! And it will go up from there if you keep working at it.

I don’t have much money to invest. What will it cost to get started?

That’s one of the main things I love about affiliate marketing. It takes very little to get started. In fact, there are some affiliate marketing methods where it’s possible to do it without spending anything, although I feel those methods are too risky because you don’t own your own content. Even the type I teach, though, is very inexpensive, and I highly recommend spending just a little so that you actually own the web “real estate” you develop.

One thing you’ll need is a web site hosting plan, and these generally run anywhere from $ 5 to $ 10 a month. Almost laughable how cheap, isn’t it? Just think about the cost per month of renting a storefront for a brick-and-mortar business. Enough said.

The other thing you’ll need is a domain name, and— get ready to laugh again— they run from about $ 7 to $ 10 per year. Then there’s the training, which you’ll need if you decide you’d  rather spend the next year earning rather than researching. I’ve written this ebook as a companion to my complete affiliate marketing course for beginners. It teaches, step by step, everything you need to know to make money in affiliate marketing and costs less than $ 100.

There have to be more expenses than that— what’s the catch?

There can be more expenses, but only if you want there to be. What I mean by that is there are certainly programs or software you could buy to automate some of the tasks involved, or you might decide to outsource certain parts of the process to someone else. Or later you may want to branch out into additional money-making techniques or methods and you could invest in more training. But none of these things is necessary for a while, if ever. That $ 100 is going to give you every single thing you need to succeed in affiliate marketing; this is not a trial offer or a “limited” version where you’re going to have to pay more to get the whole shebang. This is the whole shebang.

But isn’t it true you shouldn’t pay anyone in order to work at home?

I include this question because some people have misunderstood the concept here. I am not offering anyone a job as an employee of mine. The investment I speak of is an investment in your own business. You would be your own boss, not me. So if you were to buy training, you wouldn’t be paying an employer; you’d be building your own business. The money you invest is benefiting you. When you finish the course, you’ll have a web site that you own yourself 100%. It will be an asset and have a sale value just like a physical real-world product. Besides, you’re certainly not required to buy my training program. I’m simply making it available because I strongly believe it’s the best way for a newbie to get started.


Now you need to figure out whether this is the right field for you, and it’s smart to consider this before getting all mavericky and just diving in. If you enjoy learning new things and love the idea of creating a web site, that’s great! If, on the other hand, your skills lie in the totally opposite direction, you are sweating bullets at just the thought having to learn about “technical stuff,” or you dread spending hours at the computer, it might be tough to make a go of it.


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