Facebook Traffic Secrets – (Day 3)

Facebook Traffic Secrets – (Day 3)












Facebook Traffic Secrets – (Day 3)


Welcome to Day 3 of the Facebook Traffic Secrets course
about everything dealing with Facebook traffic!

Today we will be going over the Facebook problem with
spammers and spamming and how to avoid it.

As we learned yesterday, there are a ton of people on
Facebook – 20% of the entire population!

This opportunity, while it’s large, also brings with it
problems that you’ve probably seen yourself.

This major problem is of course spamming done by
underhanded people to exploit Facebook.com

This takes place when users sign-up for no other
purpose than to scam or trick Facebook for personal

You’ll see people set up fake profiles to load up with
“friends” so they cam spam the heck out of them.

You will see people spam messaging the heck out of
people on their friends list with links to their site.

You’ll even see spammers so brave, they will flat out
spam your Facebook wall in front of everyone!

This is all a pretty dire situation. My main point to
you is DO NOT BE ONE OF THESE SPAMMERS! Simple enough.

Tomorrow we will be going over the Facebook Ad Program
and exactly how it can help you and your business!22



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