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What exactly is affiliate marketing?

As an affiliate marketer, you will be creating and managing web sites. On those sites, you’ll promote products from various online merchants. Some of these might include amazon.com, ebay.com, target.com, and thousands and thousands of others. When visitors to

you can build sites about. Any subject you enjoy and have some knowledge about is a potential affiliate site. You choose what to do every day. There’s nothing like that feeling. If

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Reason #1: Scams and misconceptions There really are legitimate ways to make money from home, one of the most profitable being affiliate marketing, and if you know how to use e-mail and surf the web, you can learn to do it. But because scammers have made such a mockery of the make-money-online field,in spite of its damaged reputation, affiliate marketing is actually a completely respectable, totally above-board way to earn a living online.


Reason #2: Information overload There are so many different things you can do online and so many ways to do them, it’s not surprising that a person investigating the field only gets more and more confused the more research they do. And no matter what they read, there will be a conflicting point of view from someone else who says their way is best.

Whom do you believe?

There are basically two ways to figure that out. One is to spend several months— maybe years— simply reading everything you can get your hands on, knowing that eventually the cream will rise to the top.

Who should I listen to for sound advice?

The other option is to get some training, either by finding a mentor you know personally or is recommended by someone reliable, or pay for a course from someone you have come to trust. This is a lot less time-consuming, and you don’t have that worry in the back of your mind that you’re on a wild-goose chase.

This requires a small investment, but when you consider that time is money, going this route will doubtless pay off much earlier. (See the last page of this report for info on the best way to get started.) Either way, the third reason mentioned previously comes into play right at the beginning.

think it’s a strong majority. People want to believe there’s a quick fix for everything, and scammers prey on that desperate hope. Even those who may not be outright scammers do this simply by making unrealistic promises. In a few minutes, we’ll talk about what’s realistic and what’s just pie-in-the-sky wishful thinking.

How long will it take to make money?

On the scale that measures how long it takes to really make a go of it, affiliate marketing falls in the middle. If you work at it consistently, you’ll make money long before 6 months, but it likely won’t be enough to allow you to quit your day job. That’s not to say you will necessarily be able to quit your job at the one-year point, either; this is just a very loose estimate of the time it would take most people to make at least a somewhat significant income from this pursuit. Everyone’s circumstances are different, and so is everyone’s idea of what constitutes “good money,” so there are no hard-and-fast rules here. There are way too many variables to give a one-size-fits-all answer.

Master site creation may sound like it’s beyond your abilities, but believe me, it’s not nearly as hard as it looks. The technical steps of setting up a site can actually be done in just a few minutes by anyone who can follow simple instructions. So don’t worry that you have to be technologically inclined and have a MENSA membership to learn it.

How much effort does it take?

Here too it falls somewhere in the middle. It takes work just like any business established. What’s the income potential here? I suppose it’s conceivable that you could eventually make more than the golden triad of The Donald, Bill, and Oprah, but for most affiliate marketers, that’s too high to reasonably shoot for. But you can make excellent income.

I want a more specific answer. Really, how much can I make?

Sorry, there’s no way I can tell you specifically how much income will you generate. It’s not like a job where you’re told the pay is $ 15 an hour and you know that if you work 40 hours, you’ll bring home $ 600 less taxes. There’s no way going in that you can know exactly how happy you and your bank account will be. Some of the variables involved are how hard you work, what products you choose to promote, the techniques you use, how long you stick with it, the average temperature in Phoenix on August 17 in an odd-numbered year, the… what? Oh, Sorry about that, wrong list. But you get the idea.

That said, however, be assured that if you treat this as a real business, work hard, and persevere, you will do quite well. Maybe you would simply like to make an extra $ 50 a day— that’d be pretty cool, don’t you think? And it’s very, very doable. It would certainly pay a lot of bills and probably buy a few extras too.

But maybe your goal is $ 1,000 a week. That will take more work than $ 50 or $ 100 a day, but it’s still very realistic, if, IF, and I will say it again, IF, you treat it like a real business, work hard, and persevere!




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